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3 Connection Essentials (Part 4)

This post is part four of a four part series entitled, “3 Connection Essentials.” Here are Part One, Part Two, and Part Three...

Connection Essential #3 - A Mechanic

It does not matter how nice of a vehicle you drive, at some point it requires a mechanic to keep it running. The same is true of your connection vehicle. No matter how clear the next steps and how fine tuned the system, someone has to keep it running.

Connection Question | Who is going to keep the connection vehicle running?

At Redemption we believe every member has a part to play in this process. Everyone should be involved in helping new people take their next steps. If someone serves on a team with you, or attends your community group and has not attended a Newcomer Lunch, or an Intro class, we expect our members to encourage them to take that step.

More specifically it requires a small team capable of keeping the vehicle running. They follow up with new people, hand write cards, update spread sheets, send emails, and keep everyone moving in the right direction. This is some of the most thankless and monotonous discipleship. That's right...it is discipleship. Do not ever forget and do not let your team forget that this work, though often unseen, is nonetheless, discipleship because we can’t disciple those we don’t connect.

So, who can keep your connection vehicle running? Who cares about the stories represented on a spreadsheet? Who is passionate about details and desires to give the time and attention necessary for this essential work. We can’t disciple those we don’t connect. Connection requires a destination, a vehicle, and a mechanic.

No more excuses. No more making the means of connection the new persons responsibility. Let’s get them connected so we can effectively disciple the way Jesus desires us to.

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